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Merchant Partners Asset Management Limited

Mutual Fund

Merchant Partners Asset Management Limited (MPAM) offers a wide range of mutual funds as a selling agent for 1 8 asset management companies. Online service is also available for funds trading via Streaming for Fund application that allows clients to place orders, set orders in advance, check status and track portfolios anywhere with convenience.

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A complete 5-step investment guide with a standardized service system,
sincere and continuous investment supervision

Demand Analysis

Preparing an investment policy by assessing investor goals and risk appetite. This is an important stating point to understand the investor and prepare a policy that is consistent with the investor personality and needs

Asset Allocation

Based on the goals and risk constraints, the allocation to each asset class via mutual fund or securities is designed to define on the client's long term needs.

Goals-oriental Investing

Each investment product is conceded in accorded with the return, risk and liquidity needs specific to each client and their goals

Monitoring and Strategy adjustment

Investment situations changes all the time. Updating investment portfolios ensures investment plans reach the desired goal more realistically. Constant monitoring and re-assessing strategies

Periodic Reporting of Investment Portfolio

This plays a big role in monitoring and reviewing investments to see if the progress is in line with investment goals set initial y.