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Private Fund means A form of investment that is exclusive to investors who want privacy. and can be started by an individual person or group of persons, or juristic entities. The professional fund managers and standard investment management system deliver such customized solutions and services that the investment will be in the best interests of clients while taking into account the guidelines and investment limits prescribed by a written contract formed with the client. The portfolio structure has excellent flexibility and can be easily modified to match each client's needs. The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates private funds managed by licensed asset management companies and securities trustees to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Key Highlights of Private Funds

Investments are professionally

By experienced professionals in the field of asset management who are skilled at investment analysis, well-informed and proactive.

Reduce the burden of investing

Investment can be made with lower cost, and is less time-consuming than self-management. Higher bargaining power is naturally achieved through an investment management company with large assets under management.

Investment is very flexible

wherein investors may revise the investment policy amid changing circumstances and Portfolio risk is diversified appropriately for the level of risk acceptable to the client.

A solid fund management administrative system

The fund is managed by an experienced and professional fund manager.